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Proper Medication Administration: Why Is It Important?

One aspect of health care that needs to be stressed time and time again is medication administration. The number of dangerous situations related to medication use that people have put themselves in is staggering. People either don’t take their medication, take the wrong one, or the wrong dose. None of these situations are going to … Continue reading

Vitamin Intake: 3 Things Every Senior Should Remember

Has your senior loved one been taking vitamins and supplements? According to a survey in 2013, approximately 68 percent of American seniors have been taking vitamins, while a good percentage of this population is taking at least four dietary supplements every day. This says a lot about how seniors have placed a high emphasis on … Continue reading

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Do you want to understand your medications? Here are 3 ways that can help

You might wonder why you need to understand your medications when in fact it is given to you by professionals. Understanding your prescription will help you manage your health and medications better. At Medical Arts Pharmacy, we aim to help customers understand what they are taking by educating them about their health and medications. Allow … Continue reading

Buying OTC Products? Keep These 4 Things in Mind First

An OTC product or over-the-counter product is a drug or medical supply that you can purchase without the need to show a doctor’s prescription. Any retail pharmacy in California often has plenty of OTC products that consumers can readily purchase. OTC products are often taken by consumers with mild conditions such as colds or headaches, … Continue reading

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