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To avoid risks of blood clots and swelling, get the best help to support healthy circulation.

feet of a compression stocking

Compression stockings are recommended for men and women with a variety of medical concerns. By squeezing your legs, compression stockings help blood flow at a better rate, which may help support healthy circulation. Individuals who are at risk for blood clots or prone to swelling of the legs and feet may benefit from wearing compression stockings.

Although compression stockings can be very beneficial for many people, they are not ideal for everyone. Before purchasing any type of compression hosiery, you should consult your medical provider. He or she can discuss your symptoms with you and let you know whether or not compression stockings are likely to help. Your health care provider may also give you advice about specific features to look for when you’re shopping for compression stockings in stores.

Medical Arts Pharmacy LLC brings you a full line of compression stockings. As an additional service, we are here to measure and fit the stockings for you and answer questions about the hosiery.

The list below are the manufacturers we carry or can be ordered in store:

  • Mediven
  • Juzo
  • Sigvaris
  • Jobst

If you have any questions about the Compression Stockings, you may call us at 510-357-1881.

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