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The Role of Retail Pharmacies in Assisted Living

The Role of Retail Pharmacies in Assisted Living

Assisted living or in-home care refers to home care and home health services that aid beneficiaries with old age or those suffering from illnesses or disabilities. Home care services are non-medical and deal primarily with personal care, companionship, and homemaking. By comparison, home health services are administered by licensed medical professionals that include home health aides, nursing assistants, medical social workers, and physical therapists.
Whether beneficiaries are receiving home care, home health, or a combination of both services, a network of care professionals attend to their welfare and needs. In this care service network, the role of retail pharmacies is complementary to the role of doctors and service providers. This role encompasses the following:

  • Providing doctors’ prescribed medicine.
  • Making refill prescriptions.
  • Educating patients and service providers on the intake of medicine as well as the effects.

More often than not, any given retail pharmacy is also a medical supply store from which patients and service providers can procure such products and supplies that may be used for assisted living. These products include Lidocaine roll on, MediPlast, and urinary night bag.
All these services are offered by Medical Arts Pharmacy, which is a retail pharmacy in California. It coordinates with service providers of assisted living or in-home care to help ensure that beneficiaries are receiving the utmost care where medication and medical supplies are concerned.
To avail of these pharmaceutical options for assisted living or in-home care, visit the pharmacy in San Leandro, California or contact them through their website at

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