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Your Multivitamins: 5 Significant Facts That You May Not Know


The multivitamins that we are able to buy from pharmacies are synthetic products that support our bodies. In addition to eating the right kinds of foods and exercising regularly, the said supplements keep our health in tiptop condition. However, taking any kind of vitamins will not assure you a stabilized and sturdy physique. There are certain facts that you should know.

At Medical Arts Pharmacy, we find it our responsibility to take proactive actions in maintaining our patrons’ health. To serve our purpose as a dependable medical supply store, allow us to provide you with helpful and reliable medical information. For this blog post, we will enumerate essential points that you should learn and consider before you ingest a vitamin or supplement.

  1. Vitamins may cause allergic reactions

    Are you experiencing running nose, hives and/or nausea after taking a certain vitamin brand? The most probable answer is that you may have an allergy with one of the ingredients. As soon as you experience these symptoms, please seek medical aid right away.

  2. The state of your health can either bolster or undermine the effectiveness of supplements

    Vitamins and supplements are not magical, omnipotent pills. Their potency depends on many factors including your health status. Sleep deprivation, chain-smoking, and alcoholism are common reasons why supplements fail to do their jobs. On the other hand, if you watch what you eat, remain properly rested, and maintain a healthy figure, the body is able to absorb nutrients faster and fuller.

  3. The effects will not happen overnight

    Unlike pain relievers, supplements do not show their effects within hours. They are conditioning agents that slowly but surely repair damaged tissues and enhance its underlying features. Learn to trust the process! Some products will become fully activated after months or even more.

  4. Vitamin recommendations can be different for everybody

    Akin to diet plans and exercise regimens, vitamin recommendations can be different for each person. Everyone has unique physical set-ups and lifestyles. Because of which, we need different vitamin variants at different dosages. Most vitamins may be bought as OTCs but randomly taking a pill after another can produce ugly results.

  5. Vitamin overdose can destroy organs

    Excessive vitamins are poison to the body. Depending on the supplement that you have abused, you may suffer from nerve damage, kidney failure, and even heart problems. Follow the dosage limits.

One last reminder, just like any other thing in this world, multivitamins require the perfect timing! There are those that must be popped right before bedtime and those that must be absorbed after your first meal. To remain properly guided as you balance your menu of supplements, spare some time to consult with our pharmacists! Your friendly neighborhood pharmacy in San Leandro, California will do its best to assist you!

Aside from a constantly updated rack of high-quality medications, we also offer durable and trustworthy medical supplies! To check for the availability of our items, please click “Medical Supplies” on the upper portion of our website.

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