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Asthma Care: Put a Cap on It!

Asthma Care: Put a Cap on It!

Do you own an inhaler? If yes, Medical Arts Pharmacy LLC advises you to replace your inhaler’s cap immediately after use as small particles and other objects may get inside. Here’s why:
Inhalers treat conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Unlike swallowed medications, inhalers from any retail pharmacy in California get the medicine directly to the lungs.
With this in mind, keep your inhaler free from particles, as these may get into your lungs and other airways, and cause complications that may need you to make more visits to your local medical supply store.
You can clean your inhaler by doing the following steps:

  • Take out the metal canister from the L-shaped mouthpiece
  • Rinse the mouthpiece with warm water
  • Let the pieces air-dry overnight
  • Replace the canister in the earpiece in the morning
  • DO NOT rinse any of the other parts

Keep yourself safe from unwanted infections and injuries by covering up the patches in your inhaler maintenance system and storing it in the appropriate place!
Many pharmacies in San Leandro, California will suggest you store your inhaler at room temperature. It may stop working well if it is too cold. The medicine inside the canister is also under pressure. Make sure you do not get it too hot or puncture it with anything sharp.
Visit our pharmacy to see more of what we have in stock. We have supplies ranging from creams to surgical equipment.

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