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Buy Cheaper and Effective Generic Medicines

Buy Cheaper and Effective Generic Medicines

Buying branded prescription drugs can get a big chunk to your daily budget. You can actually save a lot of your dollars if you opt to buy cost-effective generic prescriptions or skincare products from your trusted retail pharmacy in California.

  • Generics are as effective as branded medicines.
    Are you also one of those who doubt if a generic is effective enough? Have you tried taking a branded prescription and its generic counterpart? Aside from experiencing it yourself, any family pharmacy in San Leandro, California could verify the capability of generics in treating common colds, coughs, and other illnesses.
  • Generics are made of the same ingredients.
    Despite the name, branded and generic drugs are created with the same active ingredients. The reason behind the costly branded prescriptions is due to the big amount of expenditures during the production process and marketing campaigns before they arrive in a medical supply store.
  • Generics are cheap and government approved.
    Aside from its effectiveness, generics are affordable and approved by the U.S. FDA. Food and drug agencies verify if a certain medicine works safely in the body, whether it’s a multivitamin or a skincare product like Mediplast.

If you are on a budget and branded prescriptions are heavy for you, ask your doctor if a generic counterpart is available. You may also consult our pharmacist here at Medical Arts Pharmacy LLC. Feel free to contact us at 510-357-1881 today!

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