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Different Types of Wounds You Should Know About


Wounds are injuries that cause damage to the skin or to other body tissues. Minor wounds can be treated at home using items from the medical supply store—just make sure that you clean the wound before applying treatment. But for serious wounds, you should immediately seek medical treatment, especially if the bleeding doesn’t stop.

Depending on the manner of its cause, wounds can be called:

  • Abrasion occurs when the skin scrapes against surfaces and causes scraping. Usually, an abrasion doesn’t cause a lot of bleeding and only needs to be scrubbed and cleaned to avoid infections. Applying treatment cream can also help the abrasions heal faster.
  • The laceration is often characterized as a deep cut or tear in the skin. Accidents involving knives, tools, and types of machinery often cause lacerations. This can be dangerous and life-threatening especially when there is rapid and extensive bleeding. It is important to apply pressure to the wound to help the blood clot.
  • Puncture wounds are typically small holes in the body caused by long pointy objects. Although this type of wound does not cause a lot of bleeding, it can be dangerous to the internal organs and cause internal bleeding.
  • Avulsion refers to the partial or complete tearing of the skin as well as the tissue underneath it. Violent accidents like gunshots, explosions, body-crushing accidents cause avulsions. Usually, an avulsion is accompanied by heavy and rapid bleeding.

Accidents happen anytime and these can cause wounds in the body. It is important that each home has a wound care kit that can be found in our pharmacy in San Leandro, California. Simply ask our pharmacists and we’d be happy to help you.

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