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Fact or False? Learning About COVID-19


Myths can be as deadly as the virus itself. And just like fighting the COVID-19 virus with vaccines, face masks, handwashing, and social distancing, you can also protect yourself from misinformation.

Let us go through common narratives circulating online.

  • COVID-19 vaccines cause variants – False.
    Vaccines do not create or lead to new variants. Because the virus that causes COVID-19 constantly mutates, new variants emerge.
  • mRNA is a vaccine – True.
    There are different vaccines, but they all trigger an immune response inside your body. Examples are Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines.
  • Vaccines contain tiny microchips – False.
    Vaccines are made of different parts or ingredients. But none include a microchip that supposedly tracks or controls the person.
  • People trying to get pregnant can still get the vaccine – True.
    Vaccination is strongly recommended for everyone starting at five years old. Women who are planning to get pregnant soon or in the future are safe to get the vaccine.
  • My DNA gets altered due to the vaccine – False.
    Our DNA remains the same. The vaccines only work by delivering instructions to the body on building defense or protection about the disease, which is COVID-19 in this case.

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