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Knowing the Essentials for First Aid Kits

Knowing the Essentials for First Aid Kits

Whether you are moving into your brand new home or if you are just looking to amp up the emergency measures that you already have in place, the importance of a reliable and well-assembled first aid kit, including a bandage roll cannot be stressed enough. Your first aid kit is your guarantee against common injuries and some emergency situations. To guide you with the basics of organizing a foolproof first aid kit are the following pointers.
For starters, you will have to consider whether you want to purchase a ready-made kit that already comes with certain items or if you want to customize one yourself. Opting for the latter will allow you to personalize your first aid kit according to your needs and your lifestyle. In any case, ready-made kits and all the medical products that you will need are available at any pharmacy or medical supply store.
When it comes to what your kit should contain, the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research recommends the following items:

  • Medicine such as Antacid or Antihistamine
  • Medical supplies including a gauze.
  • Other items like a flashlight and a list of emergency contacts

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