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Medical Adhesive Tapes: Types and Use

Medical Adhesive Tapes: Types and Use

A lot of supplies are synonymous with healthcare. A tongue depressor and stethoscope are some examples of the most common supplies found in a doctor’s toolbox. Also, let’s not forget about the medical adhesive tape. This is not an ordinary tape that we usually use at home, medical tape, also known as surgical tape, is used to properly attach bandages and other dressings that cover the wound. At Medical Arts Pharmacy LLC, your Pharmacy in San Leandro, California, we give you a brief discussion about medical tapes and their uses.

  • Our pharmacy offers Medipore Tape.
    This type of medical tape that is available in our Medical Supply Store is made out of soft cloth. This is designed to help secure tubings, wound dressing, and catheters. It works best if applied repeatedly.
  • We also have Micropore Tape.
    This tape is the most commonly used surgical tape that helps cover small to medium wound dressings. This is also used to tape fragile and at-risk skin surfaces.
  • Transpore Tape is also available here.
    This is the kind of tape that is clear and is designed as easy tear tape. This is usually used to cover small wound dressing.

There are still a few more tapes that are available to us. To know more, please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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