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OTC Drugs and Our Commitment to Excellence

OTC Drugs and Our Commitment to Excellence

Medical Arts Pharmacy LLC is known for its excellence as a retail pharmacy in California. Our cost-effective medicines and pharmaceutical services provide positive health outcomes for our customers.
Our store maintains a great selection of medication to beauty products, including MediPlast. We work with reputable manufacturers to offer only the best to our patients.
Furthermore, we have an inventory of skin and wound care products, such as MediHoney, as well as over-the-counter medications. Our pharmacists are also ready to address your concerns about your prescriptions, health, and others. We pledge to provide you with accurate solutions for any of your queries.
More than our renowned customer service, our pharmacy in San Leandro, California, will treat you as a family. With our OTC products, you can always drop by our store, and our staff will gladly assist you with what you need. Here are some things you need to know about OTC drugs in general:

  • What is an OTC drug?
    Over-the-counter medicines are drugs that can be purchased without a prescription and are available in both branded and generic variety. OTC products treat a wide range of ailments and symptoms, and some provide relief to pain or allergies.
  • Are OTC drugs safe for pregnant women?
    For expecting mothers, the best thing to do is ask a medical professional on the right over-the-counter medicine to ensure the safety of both the mother and her child.
  • Is it safe to take expired OTC medicines?
    No. Expiry dates are labeled for a reason. Beyond the specified date, the treatment or medication may not be able to deliver the expected results. These drugs may also pose safety risks for being stored for too long, causing chemical changes in the substance.

If you have further questions about drugs and other medications, feel free to get in touch with us or visit our location. Our OTC and medical supply store will be more than delighted to accommodate your healthcare needs.

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