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Providing Quality Medical Supplies and Medicines

Providing Quality Medical Supplies and Medicines

When choosing the right pharmacy that provides all the pharmaceutical needs of our family, we want to make sure to choose the pharmacy that provides quality. At Medical Arts Pharmacy, the pharmacy in San Leandro, California, we have been serving quality pharmaceutical needs and services to people for many years.
Our retail pharmacy in California aims to provide people easy access to good quality medicines. Because we want to help people be in their best health, we make sure that our medicines are priced reasonably so people can be responsible for their medication needs. We offer a wide variety of safe and effective medications. You can also purchase cream to treat minor burns and insect bites.
Aside from medicines, we also provide medical supplies. In these times, one of the most important medical supplies we need to keep handy is a face mask. You can purchase quality surgical masks in our medical supply store to keep you extra safe and protected when going outside your houses. Also, you can get sanitizers and patches in our store.
To your pharmacy concerns, inquiries, and needs our pharmacists will make sure to give the accommodation and assistance. Visit us anytime or give our lines a call.

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