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Techniques That Can Help You Manage Multiple Meds


The older we get, the more medicines and vitamins we are likely to take. And it definitely won’t be easy to manage them all. Being a retail pharmacy in California, we always want to share helpful information about healthcare. So, allow us to provide our expert tips on how you can manage multiple medications at home:

  • Keep track of your medications. You will be able to do this by making a list of all the medications that you are using. Include in your list all medical products, such as OTC medications, vitamins, supplements, and even herbal products.
  • Organize your medications. If you properly organize your medications, you will be able easily access and take them as you need them. Using a pill organizer will help you organize your meds and make things more convenient.
  • Ask questions. Do not be afraid to ask your pharmacist or doctor about safe medication management practices. You can also inquire them for more information about your meds.
  • Beware of drug interactions. Your medications may react differently to certain foods, beverages, and even other medications. So, be wary of these interactions. Ask for help from professionals if you are unsure of anything about your medications.

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