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The Importance of Using Gauze in Dressing Wounds


You may speed up the healing process, reduce healthcare costs, and enhance your quality of life by using the proper wound dressing, such as gauze and a bandage roll.

The wrong gauze can irritate or infect a wound, so using the appropriate kind when bandaging a lesion is crucial. Depending on the nature of the wound, you can choose from several different types of gauze, including woven and nonwoven varieties, sterile and non-sterile varieties, and more.

Woven gauze bought from a medical supply store allows fluids from a wound to be absorbed into the fibers, wicked away, or transferred through to other absorb­ent materials in the dressing. However, tearing it up and stuffing it into a wound is not recommended since the fibers could come loose and impede the healing process.

On the other hand, nonwoven gauze has threads squeezed together to seem like a weave and has wicking and absorption properties. This gauze only leaves less lint and fewer fibers, which can be beneficial when closing a wound.

Getting quality medical supplies to keep at home will also help you when you need to care for your wounds. That’s why our retail pharmacy in California is here to help you!

Gauze and other wound care supplies are available at Medical Arts Pharmacy LLC to help and guide you through the entire wound healing process. We also have a delivery service for medications and medical equipment at no cost when requested.

If you have more questions about our medical supplies and services, you’re welcome to call our pharmacy in San Leandro, California, at 510-357-1881!

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