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The Significance of Pharmacist-Physician Collaboration

The Significance of Pharmacist-Physician Collaboration

Clinical health is at its most effective when considered in a multidisciplinary framework. What this means is that depending on patients’ specific circumstances, their treatment and care are not only performed by physicians. There is an entire health care team that consists of various medical professionals including physical therapists, nursing assistants, and dietitians, among plenty of others.
In recent years, the role of pharmacists in this multidisciplinary approach has been widely recognized. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to the preparation of prescribed medication and the education of patients with regard to intake and effects.
A common thread that binds such responsibilities is the collaborative nature between physicians and pharmacists. Pharmacists interpret physicians’ prescriptions and are instrumental in ensuring that patients stick to the required intake and are fairly knowledgeable about the medication that they have been given.
Several studies that range from years 2004 to 2018 have attributed this collaborative relationship to patients’ successful health outcomes, as well as a reduction in hospitalizations. Other notable benefits include blood pressure control and diabetes control. Medical Arts Pharmacy LLC is a retail pharmacy in California with a team of pharmacists who are passionate about their role in the multidisciplinary health care setting.
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