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Use Your Over-The-Counter Medicines Smartly and Safely!

Use Your Over-The-Counter Medicines Smartly and Safely!

According to the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, over-the-counter medicines keep the U.S. population healthy. Their accessibility and affordability empower consumers to meet their healthcare needs. With OTC medications normally being the first line of treatment preferred by consumers, it is important to make use of the OTC drugs that you purchase from your reliable pharmacy in San Leandro, California in a smart and safe manner.


As a retail pharmacy in California offering top-notch products and services, the following tips are in order:


  • Always begin by reading the label.
    Doing so will help you decide whether or not you have chosen the right medical products for your set of symptoms. It will also help you understand the directions for taking your dosage, as well as educate you about any potential side effects or reactions.
  • Look for an OTC medication that will only treat the symptoms that you are having.
    Some medicines are designed to treat one symptom while there are others that are for the treatment of multiple symptoms. Your medical supply store advises you against choosing drugs of the latter classification since “more” does not necessarily mean that it’s better.
  • Take your OTC drugs exactly as instructed on the label.
    Because they are non-prescription products, you might be getting more than the recommended dosage (or less of it) without your knowledge. There may also be other factors that can interfere with your medications’ effectiveness. Hence, we recommend that you always ask your physicians or your pharmacists at Medical Arts Pharmacy LLC to be safe.
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