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Vitamin Intake: 3 Things Every Senior Should Remember


Has your senior loved one been taking vitamins and supplements? According to a survey in 2013, approximately 68 percent of American seniors have been taking vitamins, while a good percentage of this population is taking at least four dietary supplements every day. This says a lot about how seniors have placed a high emphasis on vitamin intake.

However, not all vitamins can really provide the exact benefits that seniors will need, especially at their age. While it’s true that the senior population need a boost of nutrition from these supplements, it’s also important to remember that these are only there as “supplements”. Taking too many vitamins cannot keep a senior person from their illness, nor can they bring healing. They only increase a person’s nutrition but not healing or treatment of their ailments.

As a pharmacy in San Leandro, California, let us help you shed light on the importance of vitamin intake as we share these three important reminders:

  1. Take vitamins for the right reasons

    People take vitamins to pursue a healthy lifestyle. While this is correct, the fact still remains that the healthy lifestyle can be pursued in other means, such as regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, and even getting an adequate amount of sleep. You will need to take vitamins when you have an insufficient supply of a particular nutrient. For instance, pregnant women need a regular supply of vitamin D to help their body absorb more calcium, so the unborn babe can have stronger bones and the mom will have stronger teeth. It helps to get your doctor’s advice as to what vitamin and supplements you need to take in a particular period of time.

  2. Vitamins have advantages and disadvantages

    There are also advantages and disadvantages to taking vitamins. For one, taking more than what is required is hazardous to your health. Too much of anything, even with vitamins, is still harmful to your health. There are also some vitamins that will have negative reactions to a particular medication the person is currently taking. So it’s not ideal to take medicines without professional advice from your doctor or even with your trusted pharmacist.

  3. Expect vitamins to work their purpose

    When you take vitamins, remember what these are for. The purpose of vitamins is to boost up the nutrients that we need for our body because we have lost these nutrients either through an illness or with age. Because of this, you should not take vitamins with hopes that you can be healed of your illness. There are specific medications for every illness. Maintaining the correct expectation of vitamins can encourage you to take them proactively and responsibly.

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