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Be Mindful of Your Medicine’s Expiration Date

Be Mindful of Your Medicine’s Expiration Date

Manufacturers place expiration dates on drugs for a reason, so it’s helpful to be mindful of them to avoid health risks.
A drug’s expiration period usually displays the month and year. If you have stock medicines, make sure to check the label first and see if the assigned date is still within the safe timeframe. Otherwise, get rid of them. For public safety, don’t throw expired medications out in the trash. Instead, flush them down the toilet to ascertain that no one can use them. You can always purchase new ones from a retail pharmacy in California if need be.
Sometimes, it can be tempting to purchase cheap or discounted medicines from other markets. However, you may want to think twice about it because there might be a possibility that they’re inauthentic or have already expired. It’s always safe to buy them from a reliable medical supply store.
The efficacy of medicines may indeed decrease over time, especially after you have already opened their container. However, if you have stored them under reasonable conditions, and they haven’t expired yet, they may still have retained most of their potency.
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