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Wound Care: Tips and Proper Products to Use

Wound Care: Tips and Proper Products to Use

It is important to educate ourselves about performing wound care at home, especially when certain emergencies happen unexpectedly. With the help of our tips and high-quality wound care products at Medical Arts Pharmacy LLC, a reliable pharmacy in San Leandro, California, we help you learn the things to do when addressing wounds at home. 

  • Wash your hands and keep the wound clean.
    Before applying treatment to the wound, make sure to wash your hands well using antibacterial soap. Keep the wounds clean and dry for a few days for it to heal fast. Also, you can apply cream or ointment now and then directly to the wound.
  • Change the dressing regularly.
    Ensure that the wound’s dressing is always clean to avoid infections and promote faster recovery. Our pharmacy offers patches and bandages to change your wound dressing conveniently. 
  • Seek help from our highly-trained pharmacists for the right wound care supplies.
    Our medical supply store has a wide range of quality and in-demand wound care products. We guarantee our patients that our supplies are of high quality and durability perfect for addressing wound care at home.

Get to know more about the services in our retail pharmacy in California. Please don’t hesitate to give a call anytime when you have pharmaceutical concerns and needs.

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