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What Is Pharmacist Intervention?

What Is Pharmacist Intervention?

Pharmacist intervention loosely refers to the input of pharmacists whenever their services are availed by patients. It involves a series of acts that cover the following and more:

  • Drug administration, addition, and replacement, as the case may be
  • Dosage monitoring
  • Patient education on intake, effects, and any and all other matters related to medication

Such acts have proven to be vital in the success of medical treatments and programs, and the benefits of incorporating pharmacist intervention in hospitals and pharmacies have been widely acknowledged in the field of health care.
A study published in the Health Affairs Journal attributed an increase in patients’ adherence to medication to pharmacist intervention. Additionally, pharmacist intervention was a huge factor behind the success of the medical treatments and programs that the patients were receiving.
Overall, incorporating pharmacist intervention meant that pharmacists took a more proactive role in the multidisciplinary approach to medical treatments and programs. On the one hand, pharmacists are able to interpret the prescriptions of physicians and other medical specialists, and on the other they help fulfill such specifications for the ultimate benefit of the patients.
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