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Characteristics to Look for That Makes a Good Pharmacist


Over the years different health challenges have given us much trouble from simple illnesses to the most serious ones. The good thing is that our pharmaceutical scientists and other related medical professionals are relentless in discovering and creating new medicines to combat both old and novel diseases. This also has led to the proliferation of pharmacies like the pharmacy in San Leandro, California where various medicines made by pharmaceutical scientists fill their shelves ready to be purchased by us if we suffer from various illnesses. These pharmacies have pharmacists whose jobs range from the appropriate way of using the medicine up to dispensing them. In this sense, one of the most important barometers of a good pharmacy is the quality of its pharmacists.

Let’s look at the following qualities that make a good pharmacist for us to choose the right pharmacy where we can get our medications and other health products.

  • Precise
    Pharmacists need to be precise because if they make a mistake in giving the right medicine, it would be dangerous to the recipient. It would even be a life or death situation. They must be accurate also in reading the doctor’s prescriptions. All pharmacies such as the retail pharmacy in California see to it their pharmacists have this trait.
  • Good interpersonal skills
    Pharmacists meet some challenging situations in their job because some doctors hate being questioned and some of us patients get frustrated when our wait for prescriptions takes a longer time. Pharmacists have to possess interpersonal skills like being patient, diplomatic, and having a good sense of humor. A medical supply store or pharmacy should employ this kind of professional.
  • Multitasker
    Several tasks are done by pharmacists together with the dispensing of drugs. They also need to check medicine expiration dates, stockpile needed meds, record and do an inventory of stocks which include other health products such as patches, mediplast, arnica gel, etc., and other tasks given to them.
  • Having professional ethics
    Pharmacists must observe ethical practices like not divulging any information about the patient or what kind of medicines or health products he/she has bought like anti-HIV meds, viagra, condom catheter, etc.

Medical Arts Pharmacy LLC makes sure that all of the pharmacists it employs possess these good traits to ensure that you get the right meds coupled with excellent service.

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