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The Proper Storage of Medicines


We always see instructions on medicine packages. This measure will keep the full efficacy of the medicines you buy from a pharmacy in San Leandro, California and prevent damages and tampering.

If we do not keep our prescriptions properly, there is a chance they will become stale before the expiration date. Exposure to water, light, heat, and air can also damage them.

But are we storing them in the proper area? Is it cool and dry there? Here are the places where we usually put our pills and tips to keep them there correctly:

  • Inside the fridge
    Many people put the medications they bought from a medical supply store straight into the fridge. One must read the label first. If it says “Keep refrigerated.” then do so. However, not in refrigerator doors because they are prone to temperature changes.
  • Bathroom cabinets
    Some people make the bathroom cabinets their medicine cabinets too. And usually, that is not a cool and dry area. The moisture and heat can damage your pills, so it is best not to put them there.
  • Unlocked drawers
    When you put medicines in drawers without a lock, especially on your bedside table, your kids can reach and consume them, and that can be a potential poisoning or overdosing hazard. They can also hurt themselves with needles and waste patches too. Put them where children can’t reach or put a lock to the drawers to be safe.

As a retail pharmacy in California, we aim for the health and safety of your family. And that is why we do our best to provide you with a wide variety of medical supplies that we store according to their instructions. Get your stash at Medical Arts Pharmacy LLC.

For brands like MediPlast and others, call 510-357-1881.

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