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Getting Quality Medical Supplies to Keep at Home


Aside from the medication prescriptions that patients or customers need, they also need other medical supplies from our pharmacy, the Medical Arts Pharmacy LLC, a recommended and licensed pharmacy in San Leandro, California. We give people easy access to medical supplies that they can keep at home in case minor injuries, burns, or wounds happen at home.

Our retail pharmacy in California aims to make it easier for the people in the community to have access to their pharmacy needs. Having a pharmacy that they can trust can create an impact on their health and their quality of life.

One of the products that a lot of customers keep handy in their medicine cabinet is a cream. This is the type of product that can help ease the pain of small wounds and burns that could happen at home while cooking or doing random activities.

Patches are also in demand because of how convenient and useful it is. There are different types of patches that can be purchased in our pharmacy. There are patches that can help relieve pain and these are the type of patches that most people prefer.

If you need any medical supplies at home, you can always come to our medical supply store to get quality products. Our pharmacists can assist you with your needs.

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