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Health Habits to Improve Bone Health


Healthy bones are important if you want to enjoy what life has to offer. Not only that, but healthy bones are key to maintaining your balance, endurance, and strength. Additionally, healthy bones guarantee that you have enough blood cells to effectively distribute nutrients throughout your body.

Our pharmacy in San Leandro, California, Medical Arts Pharmacy LLC would like to help you and your family maintain strong and healthy bones. We offer vitamins and supplements that are essential to overall wellness, including bone health. You can ask our pharmacy staff for more details by visiting our pharmacy.

Aside from vitamin D and K supplements found at our retail pharmacy in California, one of the easiest ways to have strong bones is by eating healthily and having a balanced lifestyle. Here are some tips that we hope will help you in the long run.

  • Eat Veggies
    Vegetables are excellent providers of vitamin C, which promotes the growth of cells that build bones.
  • Perform Weight-Bearing Exercises
    Exercises, including weight-bearing and resistance aid in boosting bone growth
  • Consuming Foods High in Calcium
    High-calcium dietary consumption enhances absorption, which helps to strengthen your bones.
  • Take Collagen
    Collagen supplementation may protect bone health by preventing collagen degradation, according to emerging research. Collagen supplements are available at our California retail pharmacy.
  • Keep a Healthy Weight
    Make it a point to lose weight healthfully and with the assistance of a specialist to prevent putting too much stress on your bones.

We cannot stress enough the importance of healthy bones. As such, feel free to consult us or your physician for more tips on how to improve your overall health.

Make sure to visit our medical supply store today for all your medical supply needs. We carry supplies, such as MediPlast, and more!

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